A history of artisans
told for decades.

Experience and quality for a production of ever-present quality.

Proteo Arredo Bagno was founded in 1991 thanks to the collaboration between Andrea Bartolucci and Massimo Belpassi who started the Bathroom furniture business as a small artisan carpentry. As the years go by, they succeeded in reating a solid company, with several employees and a technology at the forefront of the sector.
We are specialised in the bathroom furniture sector, our products are desigend and realised for companies and suppliers that promote them on the italian and foreign market. Our models are exclusively made of wood and the materials we used to make them are all compliant with current and strict European regulations.

The current collection is the result of collaboration with several architects involved in the development of prototypes, from the creation and design phase up to the actual production of furniture.

The machines commited in the different processing stages are both traditional and numerically controlled, in order to always reach the best possible result.
During the final stage of the painting, we use only low enviromental impact products, taking care of the finishes.

The piece of furnitures once completed, pass the quality controland the packaging, two procedures that we still do manually and with adequate materials aimed at ensuring a safe transport in order to maintain unchanged the quality achieved untill the final destination.

Proteo follows its customers in each stage of the product’s realization, accompanying them from the initial idea to the implementation of the final product. The choice of high quality materials and the search of accurate finishes allow our piece of furniture to be in line with the current trends.

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